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Guy Coombes shoots Beauden Barrett for Vanity Fair UK


Merry Christmas!!! Artwork by Henrietta Harris


Sarah Larnach’s album cover ‘Whispers’ nominated for a Grammy

Screenshot 2014-12-19 at 11.56.06 am

Sarah Larnach has been nominated for a 2015 Grammy award.  It’s in the Best Recording Package category for ‘Whispers’ by British band Passenger. Nice work Sarah, good luck!!!


Guys Coombes for Crane Brothers contemporary tailors


Glenn Thomas for Fujitsu via 303 Lowe Sydney


Presenting illustrator Rhianna McCormick-Burns


Rhianna joined us via an internship while studying and we haven’t looked back.  Intricate and distinctive with an ethereal take on beauty, her illustrations are quickly gaining presence on the New Zealand art scene.


Jeremy Blincoe’s ‘Ego and Nature’ exhibition


If you’re lucky enough to be in Melbourne over the next few weeks checkout photographer Jeremy Blincoe’s solo exhibition. ‘Ego and Nature’ is on at the Trocadero Arts Space till December 9th.

Component’s clever use of the neglected

Screenshot 2014-11-26 at 10.09.47 pm

Huhtamaki cups hit the cafes


Huhtamaki paper cup manufacturers recently commissioned illustrators Allan Wrath, James Stewart and Gareth Jensen. The brief was fairly open, enabling them to showcase their own take on being a kiwi. If you’re lucky enough to be in New Zealand this summer, watch out for them at your local.

Welcome Joseph Michael, timelapse extraordinare

We welcome an exciting new addition to the fold, environmental and time-lapse photographer Joseph Michael.

Joseph’s widely known for his recent exhibition ‘Dark Cloud White Light‘, which involved him filming 3D time-lapses of New Zealand landscapes. The project saw him braving the elements for periods of 24 hours or more to create an experience of audio and visual splendour. His recent TEDx speech gives you a taste of his journey unveiling the hidden wonders of the New Zealand landscape.

Urs Buhlman for Nissan USA


Josh Dykgraaf for Bio CSL Travel Vaccines via Insight Sydney


Introducing new illustrator Jeremy Kyle

Talented young watercolourist Jeremy Kyle blends watercolour and loose hand scribbling with precision line work, indicative of architectural and industrial design aesthetics. His use of colour brings an incredible sense of presence and strength, making the most everyday object a focal point of enchantment. With various degrees, diplomas and certificates in Graphic Design, illustration and pictorial design at Unitec, Whitecliffe and Yoobee, he’s certainly one to watch.




Nic Staveley shows his diversity shooting Tux Purina via Dow Design

Kristian Frires for Les Mills International

Kristian Frires’ latest shoot for Les Mills International took him to London, Paris and Los Angeles. A hard choice, but these images taken while the sun sets on L.A. are our favourites.


Allan Wrath illustrates Huhtamaki disposable cups

Nic Staveley shoots kiwi racing champ Mitch Evans


Portrait photographer Nic Staveley is often called upon by Red Bulletin mag to shoot sports champions. His most recent being Mitch Evans, shot in the New Zealand home of motor racing Hampton Downs.


Toby Morris illustrates the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types

Apparently the test is ‘far more in depth than any online test you’ve ever done’. Checkout the full article over on the Wireless.

Introducing Sydney pattern extraordinaire Victoria Garcia

Victoria Garcia is an exciting new addition to the IR fold, being one of Australia’s leading pattern and textile designers. Her hand-drawn graphic based illustrations have been commissioned by design studios such as Longina Phillips and fashion designers such as Karen Walker and Peter Alexander. She is fascinated by natural history, the things she collects and aesthetic movements such as surrealism and psychedelia.


Kristian Frires ‘The power to take you beyond’

Kristian Frires recently shot a series of posters for Les Mills International via Roycroft Brown. The shoot proved to be a successful collaboration of all involved, producing inspiring thought provoking images with ‘The power to take you beyond’.


Sarah Larnach for Tourism Fiji via Colenso BBDO

Ross Jones’ hot new piece ‘Indian Summer’

Janine Wareham for Good Heath NZ

Janine Wareham‘s colourful work for Good Health NZ. A great way to start 2014, not to mention working with the good folk at BCG2.


Enjoy the break from Adam Turnbull & IR

Nic Staveley’s natural approach wins over Synlait

Portrait photographer Nic Staveley has been lucky enough to spend most of his year shooting on farms in rural New Zealand. Not only has he learnt every breed of cow, he’s impressed new clients such as Line 7, Fonterra, Nestle and Synlait with his clever use of natural light.

Checkout a few shots from his latest Synlait shoot via the talented folk at Unified Brands, or view more of his work over on our website.