Welcome new artist Liam Gerrard

Liam Gerrard is not your average illustrator, in fact we’d say he is almost a rarity. Firstly he works in the incredibly hard medium of charcoal and pencil, for which you need to have a very steady hand, and we predict, a hell of a lot of near-meditative patience. Most of his personal works are drawn on major scale (say 2m x 2m) so every single wisp of hair or pore of the skin is drawn by hand. His acute attention to detail and fierce replication of his subjects completely drew us to his work and as a result we’re delighted to welcome Liam to the IR fold. Look out for future works showcasing product and people.

Nike this is your man. “James Hetfield (Metallica) circa 1983, long hair, acne etc” says Liam, “I’ll draw you for free.”