Neil Bailey gets kitsch for Carlton

Ah,  humour to unearth a topic that is often true for those special couples. Clemenger Melbourne and Carlton Beer recently commissioned the signature humour of advertising photographer Neil Bailey for this latest series.  The concept was inspired by the book ‘Awkward Family Photos‘ and as you can imagine, the production was nothing short of enjoyable. Think researching the cheesiest poses used by high street photographers, which creative then exaggerated even more. Surprisingly it was difficult to find people who looked like each other but were not related. Over 50 locations were viewed to cement a kitsch feel, the stylist sourced a range of his and her’s clothing that proved fashion has gone full circle in just a decade and the talent were equally frightening when they got into role.

As Neil sums it, “we all suspected on the shoot, judging by the amount of laughing behind the scenes, that we had something funny. The creative team liked the idea that the male character didn’t realise that he was changing into his wife and that he was still buying into ‘the dream relationship’, whilst his mates would be thinking ‘what’s happened to you’. ”