Max Thompson as easy as pie for Melbourne Airport

When we came across Max Thompson earlier this year we were slightly bemused we hadn’t cottoned on to him earlier. How could we miss such seductive artwork? Besides being a rare and intelligent good guy, Max paints digital pictures which radiate ridiculous skill and detail. When looking at his work people have been known to either; compulsively gush all over the page, or search frantically for his mysterious secret. We can’t quite place our finger on it, something to do with impeccable taste, composition or the luminous finish.

Either way, there’s not an idea he can’t flex his style to. When unrestricted by a brief, Max releases his rebellious imagination and spends his time siring new ephemeral twists on the pin up girl, creating witty comics or enchanting characters akin to storybook fables. His only one inspiration; beauty.

Here’s his latest work commissioned by the clever creatives at McCann Melbourne for Melbourne Airport and more for your viewing pleasure. He’s currently 16 days deep into a 30 day illustration challenge which you can follow over here. Welcome aboard Max.