Nadeesha Godamunne gets animated for TVC’s via OBM Melbourne

Executing a brief for breast surgery needn’t be a touchy one. Knowing this the good folk over at OBM Melbourne called in the talents of gorgeous fashion illustrator Nadeesha Godamunne to watercolour a charming range of beautiful brasserie characters. The brief was to capture the private thoughts of women desiring or needing breast surgery in a fun, spontaneous way for‘s TVC’s and website. Cue plenty of delicate lace, flowing wash and scenic backgrounds all brought to life by Nadeesha’s bright and sophisticated illustrations. There’s nothing like elegance to help women feel good.

Check out more of Nadeesha’s stunning fashion illustrations in her portfolio. She’s flown the kiwi coop and is turning out some incredible work from San Francisco. Follow her blog on drawing the streets and wild characters of San Fran here.