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Lisa Nicole Moes’ vintage illustrations for TransPerth


303 MullinLowe and illustrator Lisa Nicole Moes were the forces behind Transperth’s latest poster series. Lisa’s distinct illustrations hark back to the travel posters of the fifties, the perfect medium to showcase the numerous benefits that cycling brings.


Photographer Brook Ready joins our roster


Brook is a young passionate photographer, fascinated in human behaviour and the way people live. His approach is driven by his constant push to look at things from a different perspective. With his relaxed easy going attitude, he’s an ideal fit for the youth culture, sports and lifestyle markets.


GIB’s new COVE range brought to life with illustrations by Jeremy Kyle


Illustrator Jeremy Kyle, well known for his beautiful watercolours, was recently commissioned by agency justONE to showcase the new GIB COVE range. Five rooms were styled by interior designers Bibby & Brady, each reflecting different personalities. The results of the collaboration beautifully showcase the scope of the new range.


Ecostore flaunt the quirky hand-drawn style of Janine Wareham


Special Group Auckland teamed up with illustrator Janine Wareham to bring Eco Store’s new kids range to life. Well known for her fun hand-drawn typography, Janine created the packaging for six new products for the range.


Nic Staveley photographs Air New Zealand’s new recruitment campaign


Advertising agency True are behind Air New Zealand’s new ‘Become an Air New Zealander‘ campaign. Shooting industry staff in situ is one of Nic‘s specialties and the images encompass the various roles within the organisation such as cabin crew, operations, cargo, corporate, digital, engineering and pilots. (more…)

North&South sports a bold Henrietta Harris watercolour


The unmistakeable art of illustrator Henrietta Harris features on the cover of the North&South magazine.

Stencil artist Component completes his massive multicultural mural


The entrance to Auckland’s Cider Building is now graced with a 5.4 metre high 3 layered stencil mural by street artist Component. Influenced by the sublime velvet paintings of Edgar Leeteg and in particular his student Charles McPhee, photographer Rakai Karaitiana, Component and iThink collaborated together on production.


Sarah Larnach illustrates the Trainspotting lads for The Goodhood Store UK


UK clothing label The Goodhood Store love to pair great illustration with the brands they represent. In this series they commissioned Sarah Larnach to produce paintings of the Edinburgh four Sickboy, Begbie, Renton and Spud. The lads are kitted out in pieces from their SS17 collections.


Guy Coombes captures intimate portraits for Les Mills ‘Be More You’ campaign


Strong hero portraits of inspirational trainers were required for the new Les Mills ‘Be More You’ campaign. Guy Coombes captured emotional states such as anxiety, confidence, energy and stress. When combined with type they create a strong graphic statement reminding you of benefits of training.


Interbrand Sydney commissions Glenn Thomas for Perfection Fresh


Glenn Thomas illustrates a variety of fresh food scenes for premium fruit and vegetable company Perfection Fresh via Interbrand Sydney.