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A moment of rest captured by Boshi Wang for Latitude Tauranga

LatitudePay commissions Pablo Espinosa for their animated gif series


Animator Glenn Thomas works his magic for Croxley

Animator Seb Fowler creates Spread The Jam 3 for Auckland Transport

Glenn Thomas crafts Blutui’s launch animation

Local software development company Blutui launched its web platform for designers and advertising agencies with a 60″ animated video by Glenn Thomas.

Seb Fowler helps ‘Spread the Jam’ for Auckland Transport

Animator Seb Fowler creates a smash hit for Auckland Transport via the good folk at Work Communications. Shared over 25,000 times on social media the animation, both educational and entertaining, illustrates the various causes of traffic congestion with tips to prevent it.

Animation by Mardo El Noor heralds Auckland’s new 10 minute trains

Auckland Transport via Work Communications teams up with animator Mardo El Noor to announce the arrival of Auckland’s new 10 minute trains.


Mardo El-Noor’s supercharged animated TVC for Wolf Energy Bar

Seb Fowler’s superhero animation for ALNAP

ALNAP is dedicated to improving humanitarium performance and recently enlisted animator Seb Fowler to help showcase their services.

Mardo El Noor and JWT create animation for Z energy

JWT recently partnered up with Mardo El Noor and Z Energy to create this engaging animation to kick start the morning.

Nadeesha Godamunne gets animated for breast.com.au TVC’s via OBM Melbourne


Meet Lindsay Horner the man of motion graphics